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My book on Architectural Lighting Design – Published 2018!

Where do you start if you want to light an interior space? What is the best color temperature for your design scheme? What do you need to consider when choosing LED lamps and luminaires or fixtures? Architectural Lighting Design answers these questions and more in a comprehensive introduction to the design, application, and techniques of lighting interior spaces. Using real examples of successful lighting schemes, experienced designer Admir Jukanovic explains the fundamentals of lamps and fixtures, and how to meet the requirements of a design brief. Topics include treatments and techniques for lighting designs; tips for understanding the deliverables and fulfilling brief; the five project phases, from concept to commission; and the common pitfalls to avoid when using artificial lighting in architecture.

INspiration on lighting

Influences in Lighting Design – Lighting Magazine

A series of 9 articles in the Lighting Design Magazine contained each month a lighting talk to Admir Jukanovic of specialist practice Mindseye about some of the influences that have shaped contemporary lighting design. The series starts in February with Influence of Art in Lighting Design and continues with Fashion, Film, History, Technical Innovation, The classics, the Natural World, Theatre. The last article is on the inspirational influence of Photography in Lighting Design and is published in the October Issue of the Lighting Design Magazine.




Saturday, 11th May 2010

Admir Jukanovic participates in the product development workshop Fur&Furniture in Finland at Central Ostrobothnia University of Applied Sciences during 10th-14h May.
At the fur trade unit the workshop was directed by professor Basil Kardasis (Royal College of Art, London). The end products designed by the five participants, Matteo Bardi, Admir Jukanovic, Lies-Marie Hoffmann, Tom Hildesley, Thomas Kirchgrabner gets exhibited in PREMIER VISION- CUIR A PARIS, September 2010 and in MIFUR, Milan, March 2011